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2014 was an exciting year in fashion. It was officially that year, when we saw the world of streetwear and high-end fashion completely collide. Nowadays, luxury brands like Gwenchi and Balmain are just as common on the streets as Levi’s and Converse. It was also the year where we show celebrities (both men and women) faster than ever before. Soon the moment is really “them”, and this is a trend that will most likely continue in 2015.

In 2014, we saw Nikki Minaj tweak her style a bit to look a little more sleek and beautiful on the red carpet. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, kept going crazy. As much as she wants to keep up with her wide dress and constant change in dress. Kanye West had also formally severed ties with Nike, and his new and highly anticipated shoes are set to be unveiled with Adidas in 2015. There was certainly a lot going on in the world of this style, but in the next article, we discuss some of the most memorable trends that celebrities shook in 2014.

Above Nadha Midris / Crops:

This is a trend we’ve been seeing all year, including a lot of pop starlets and female rappers. Such as: Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Iggy Ezelia, Egelia Bank, Nicki Minaj and many more. When you’re a celebrity, your job is to look good, and these women have definitely spent a lot of time hitting the gym. So that their middle parts seemed very tones. We think this is a trend, which will definitely continue until 2015.

Designer ski mask:

This is a trend that is very popular with rappers. In 2014, we saw images like Winnie the Pooh and Red Cafe, who were wearing ski masks with Chanel logos and other high fashion branding. Other artists who have tried this art in the past are Beyonc and Justin Bieber. This is the famous scene of chaos there and everyone is trying to do different things. To stand out and be different, but the trend of ski masks is certainly not at the top of our book.

Torn / holly jeans:

Denim is one of those fashion staples, which always lasts. Regardless of the weather. Surprisingly, this season we also saw the return of the epic “Denim on Denim” line, also known as Canada’s Tuxedo. A denim trend that made a comeback in 2014, she had torn / holly jeans. We’ve seen them on everyone: Kim Kardashian, Kenny West, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, and it looks like that style will only get stronger in 2015.

Smokey Bear Hats:

We love Friel and we think her song “Happy” was one of the best songs of the year. Here we are bombarded every day. There’s a lot of negative and bad news coming out of it and this song was such a big escape. Another reason Friel was unforgettable was his famous Smoky the Beer / Arby’s Hat. This hat should definitely be put in the 2014 capsule. So that future generations can be discovered and appreciated.

Mushroom Haircut:

North Korea has been in the news recently for allegedly hacking Sony in retaliation for the Hollywood movie The Interview. A lot can be said about the North Korean leader, but we will limit our comments to his tough, mushroom-style haircut. We never thought anyone would imitate her haircut, but actor Robert Pattinson proved us wrong and unveiled the haircut shown in 2014 above.

Strange Neck Scarf:

Scarves are essential equipment to survive the cold weather. At the 2014 Fashion Show in Europe, Kenny West certainly showed the world, that he is not afraid to find different ways to tie a scarf to look extra stylish and unique. What happened to just wrapping the scarf and wrapping the neck around the neck and saying it one day? For Kenny West, everything always has to take some traces.

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