Stunningly Stunning Fashion Icons


It’s just like a fingerprint, each individual has his own style. Now whether they have the resources or the attention to dedicate themselves to developing their individuality or signature form is another story, but the people on this list have done just that and in some cases the idea of ​​being “original” To the extent taken. These sixteen celebrities have drawn their own power in the world of fashion, which will probably never be forgotten. These are the celebrities with the strangest sense of fashion on this side of Oz.


This up and coming rapper is funny colorful. At 32 years old and from the outskirts of Houston, Texas, “Neon Icon” constantly names his songs after designers such as Domis & Gabbana, Versace, etc. Boom BBS. Her clothes and accessories are colorful and off the wall and make the experience a bit psychedelic.

Andre 3000:

This kind of gentleman is very rare. The 1930s saw him strolling with a hat and a cane. Make some changes to the barbershop quartet uniforms suspended and bow slaves, and you’ve got the Andre 3000. There is no doubt in her love of 30s fashion, that she has played a huge role in the creation of Ellie Wilde, but the reason is even more so. Andre’s clothing line release, serious effort, Benjamin Bixby. If you’re a fan of casual dresses, then take a stroll to your nearest retailer and get ready to join the very few who appreciate 1930s style. At least you will stand up.

Russell Brand:

Say what you want about Russell Brand’s philosophy, but the man is styled like the prince of Bohemia.

Best, beaded beads, long hair, bell-bottom, shoes, and top hats. When the brand appears, it’s hard to decide whether to laugh or to leave all your worldly possessions and follow him into the desert. Buying a bohemian is a good idea right now, and the brand occasionally throws curve hair at something that makes sense. You have to pause for a moment, give up your decision about it, and take it seriously.

Nicki Minaj:

In just a few years, Minaj has topped the women’s rap game, and some people think it’s one of the most influential female rappers ever. However, her fashion personality resembles that of a man who has so far only emerged from the Willie Wonka Gamble machine. She proudly dances in brightly colored make-up, technical colored dresses and wigs, and in a good mood. Minaj’s bold outfit is a shot of his “changed example”, which he developed in his childhood to deal with the stressful domestic life, whatever works.

Elton John:

Speaking of flirtation, Elton John has long been called the forerunner of the Out and Pride set, and he is a pillar of AIDS activity. She has known for her extremely carefree performance costumes (such as giant feather dresses, sequin jumpsuits, etc.) and she admits that her bold stage dress was a way to be free after childhood restrictions. A lot of people’s style is a reaction to their childhood, whether peaceful or scary.


The velvet-sounding King of Rock and Roll wore a relatively conservative dress when he was young, but eventually, his reputation was established, and King began to dress like a ninja covered in sequins. Her highly cooled rhinestone and sequined jumpsuit is a trademark of her heritage and is truly based on traditional martial arts uniforms. Because Elvis was introduced to the military after practicing karate for the best part of his life. Although her legacy has been somewhat tarnished by her deterioration towards the end of her career, Elvis’s style is one of the most unique in the history of music.

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