Stunning Pieces from Horani’s Couture Show


Never be complacent, always looking for new challenges, Red Horani, 31, is already one of the most beloved cutters and is strongly associated with the birth of unisex fashion in modern hot couture circles. . Monochromatic, androgynous collections present a wonderful, somewhat disturbing statement of their creator. Although “unisex” is the most commonly used term to describe the style of Horani, it would be better qualified as androgynous.

Its combinations can be worn not only by men and women. Rather, they completely ignore sex as the basis of fashion design. Horani creates a world in which no one knows gender, religion or time. She uses the best quality materials, and every piece of it is carefully implemented.

As Horani Explains On His Website:

Although more sensational than its last show, the combination of straight lines, simple geometric shapes and the unconventional shape of the dress is still there, explaining Cochrane’s signature. As Red Horani said in an interview with Fashion TV, this whole black stock looks simple, but it’s extremely complex. In another interview, he explained his preference for black. Because “it’s eternal, it’s weatherless, it looks small. Everyone looks better in black. Their two favorite fabrics, crochet de soy (silk crepe) and leather are often used.

Couturier’s Dress:

This black pair consists of an overlap leather cropped vest, which has a leather braid belt, zipper panel paint and a maxi coat. All these pieces are replaceable, they can be worn separately for different occasions, and combined with other costumes.

Good to know:

Born in Jordan, Horani moved to Montreal with his family in 1998 at the age of 16. He started working as a stylist after graduating from high school. After 5 years of styling experience in Montreal, he moved to Paris in 2005 to face new challenges. Her fashion career officially began in 2007 with her first unisex fashion show. The show was such a success that it continued to present its RAD Unisex line in Paris and New York, including 20 ready-to-wear sets as well as limited edition and special pieces.

Random Maxi Coat:

Random maxi coat surrounds the figure, below we see a simple elegant top and an overlap skirt. This unisex ensemble is perfect for creating a mysterious, extravagant and slightly distinctive image.

Currently, more than 130 stores in 30 countries are fortunate to present their designs to “anti-conformist individuals” ready to taste the new trends of Haute Koch. Most recently, in January 2013, Horani became the first formally invited member of the La Chambre Syndicate de la Haute couture in Paris. In France, the term “haute couture” is protected by law, and the La Chambre Syndicate is responsible for regulating the field of fashion. And it determines, which fashion brands can be considered the true hot couture house.

One of the most used clothing elements of the Captor:

The unisex zipper panel is rolled into painted leather, which includes a two-layered cutout vest. One of the most salient features of this stylish style combination is that it relates to the silence of strict geometric lines and lines.

The young couturier knows his market. Its customers are mainly from the United States, Canada and the Middle East. And she values ​​her customers’ opinions, saying her clothes make her feel luxurious, powerful, timeless and free. Special pieces can start at 10,000, and can go up to $ 25,000 or more. However, on the official page of the RAD line Unisex, it is possible to find more affordable dresses and even limited edition designs. Prices on the website range from $ 200,000 to $4,000 per item.

Flop Maxi Coat:

A model’s ankle-length flop maxi coat. Timeless, another masterpiece of unisex beauty. The advanced quality of the fabric, like all other pieces, makes it pleasing not only visually but also on a small surface.

Horani intends this collection for those who want to keep a piece, which they can keep in their closet for a lifetime, who are against the changes of fashion. All offered pieces are laminators, giving their owner lots of options.

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