Rappers Who Are Dealing With Their Own Shoes.


These days, fashion brands are catering to the resettlement of youth. It is becoming more difficult for them. Trends come and go very fast. And it has become quite common for a brand to just fall off the radar and lose all its customers, clients, and revenue. Because of this, many large companies often rely on those who influence the culture of youth to maintain the cool element of their brands.

How much influence they have on young people. Because of this, it is often demanded from rappers, and it is given secret deals. In the next article, we list the rappers. Who has been tapped for senior deals by some of the world’s largest companies?


Chains is a perfect example of this, what it means to be associated with your career. For so many years they have been struggling in the industry to make a name for themselves as part of this duo. Please circle. There was a time when it was contracted with rapper Ladokars who sold platinum. But he blew up the same sign in 2010 with the title “Spend It” and has not looked back since.

Earlier last year, 2 Chains teamed up with Adidas to reclaim the sneakers for $ 130 for the release of an all-black pair of black shoes called Top Ten High “2 TRU for Good Stay”, but it Did not cause so much excitement, some of which had released the shoes. It’s a more famous rap counterpart.

  1. Cole:

30-year-old rapper Jay Cole is considered one of the new elite rappers in the hip-hop game. He is originally from North Carolina and is currently signed with JZ’s Rock Nation Management Agency. If anyone out there suspects that J.P. If Cole is a big player in the music industry, try it for size: earlier this month, he went to New York City with his DreamWill guest star Big Sean and YG, and he completed Madison Was sold as Square Garden.

They also recently released a pair of very cool hiking shoes with the Swiss luxury brand Bailey. Jay Cole always does his own thing. Meanwhile, other rappers are carrying shoes. She has decided to release her high quality, leather shoes.

Nikki Minaj:

At this point in her career, Nikki Minaj is a female empire. Not only is his successful career successful. Rather, she has her own perfume, her own clothing line at Walmart, and she has been a judge on American Idol. And yes, he has his own pair of Air Jordan shoes.

Like his Young Money label partner Drake, Nikki teamed up with Nike to debut their own pink edition of the basketball shoe. The shoes were very clearly designed with the pink and gold color scheme. If you are familiar with how Nicki Minaj likes to dress, then you already know, that these special shoes are perfect for her.

Great Splendor:

Detroit rapper Big Sean thinks that the perpetrator of the greatness is an artist, but somehow, it does not seem that all the pieces have just fallen apart. He has signed to the Kanye West label, has made history with celebrities such as New Riviera and Ariana Grande, but has not yet had enough success to reach the elite.

However, no one will ever argue about the cool fashion sense of Big Sean. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that it has already released three different sneakers with Adidas. If he finally decides to go all out in fashion, this is a rapper whose future will be very bright.

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