Is It Summer Season Fashion


It doesn’t seem to be the top priority of fashion when you’re battling extreme weather conditions and mountain ranges, but you’ll need to take a look at some of the top winter sports or holiday celebrities. So to see how stylish fashion is, there can be slopes. The United States Winter Olympics team will be cut out in this year’s Ralph Lauren designer dress in Sochi, which has a red, white and blue cardigan with stars, beards and the American flag on the right breast.

At last year’s Snow Sports Industries USA trade show, participants got a glimpse of fashion, which is evident on the ski fields so far this year. This winter, skiers and snowboarders are wearing colors, prints and fun accessories. They’ve colored a lot of bold colors and bold prints in recent years, and this year the items are more slimming and less. For men, the warm colors of the season are green, especially muted, deep greens such as olive green and forest green. For women, stand-up colors include blues, green, soft gray, feminine prints and bold oranges, as well as traditional warm colors such as pink and red.

Wear a gold eye

This is the year to go to bed when it comes to wearing eyeglasses on the slopes. In the last few seasons, the white springs are bigger. However, this winter we have seen a slight reversal of this trend. Oakley has released a pair of ski goggles with gold frames for the 2013/14 season.

Slimming Pants $ 240

Year after year, even the latest ski pants are extremely comfortable. Niels, a 35-year-old Swedish company, specializes in high fashion ski and snowboard gear for women. A good choice for this season is her analyzed pants which cost 240. They are dark, mid-rise, semi-quiet and well-insulated. The waist band is flattering, and these waterproof pants look slender wearing a leg cut. Black pants can look like a boring choice but note – a lot of celebrities have been seen wearing black ski pants lately.

Statement 250:

Even if you are not wearing a helmet. A bean must be worn in the ski field. Actress Kate Hudson, who was recently spotted wearing a red and black ski dress. He topped his gaze with a bright red fleece. Paris Hilton recently wore a black beanie in Spain, decorated with a demento bow. Gatchi has a large range of wool bean and wool ski caps. Available at stores such as Neiman Marks, or Gatchi Stores, these beanies are retail for about $ 250 dollars and more and are available in many colors and patterns.

Stylish under layers – $ 300:

The New Zealand Company Ice Breaker has the best base layer technology in the world and is sold worldwide. All ice breaker range of the product is manufactured from pure New Zealand Merino wool. All clothing items are breathable, warm and naturally antibacterial (which means you can pass the day without washing it). The New York Times last November gave Icebreaker a special mention for its fashionable garments. He said, though that has nothing to do with the recent trends of functional clothing and undergarments.

Leather Chanel Gloves – $ 500:

Gloves are one of those accessories you can’t go without on the slopes, and black leather is again the most popular choice of winter 2013/14. Singer and designer Paris Hilton recently hit the slopes of Aspen, Colorado wearing black Chanel leather gloves (which sell for and $500 and up). Another timeless option is white. Check out the leather box mats from the Swedish brand Hastra (one of the world’s leading glove brands, which produced more than 2 million pairs in 2012). This mitten is a classic and easy mitten, which is perfect for skiing and costs $75.

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