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Red hair is very rare. In fact, only 1 to 2% of the human population is red-haired. It’s much less amazing. That being said, it’s weird that so many hot legendary characters are red. It makes you think, that there are a lot of warm red colors walking on the road all the time, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

This is because the red-haired gene is ambiguous, it is very rare for a woman to be born red-haired. That’s why some women get involved in this hair color during Halloween. Hell, even Kim Kardashian, a woman famous for her long black hair (apart from the fact that she was blonde at the time) only got a chance to be red for one night. There are many costume options when it comes to being a redhead for Halloween. Here are ten of the hottest red Halloween costumes.

John Holloway from Crazy Man

Although curves have been invented that meant before the madman, they were certainly completed by John Holloway’s portrayal of Hendrix on Medical Man. Really, this dress presents something difficult because you really have to be born with a curved watch glass to pull it off, young fire engine red hair always do with side buns. Although she wore many dresses over the years that had curved necks and short sleeves, her red dress is the most memorable. Finish it off with his signature pen necklace and balm, you’re dead. The sex of this dress is not demonstrated quickly. But if you can walk John Holloway. Walking like Tojan Holloway means, that you will be the most attractive redhead in any room.

Jerry Honeywell

Probably the hottest head of the ’90s was Jerry Honeywell, who introduced ginger as a spice to spicy girls. Although the group that has promoted the girl’s strength with signs of peace and long peaks. Since it has broken down, this dress will live on forever in one of the hottest red dresses of all time. Ginger requires a Union Jack dress to be prepared as a spice, on it is a supermini printed the Ukrainian flag. Also, a part of the dress is her signature red hair and red shoes. For those who really want to go the extra mile with the outfit, black underwear peeking out of the shortest outfits in history is also a part of this pairing.

Wilma Flintstone from Flintstone

If you’re going to dress up as a sexy cavewoman, why not make a Flintstone family sexy redhead matrix dress? The Wilma costume shows some skin because it is basically just a white cloth lubricated in the fabric. The dress has been tossed into a white pearl necklace made of large stones and red hair in Wilma’s signature bun. The dress list is not the hottest on this list, as it clashes between the sexy cavewoman and the healthy housewife but, it is definitely the hottest cavewoman, the way you can dress.

Scooby-Doo to Daphne Black

Although Daphne Blake occasionally fell victim to the girl in a world of distress. She also used make-up tools to pick up locks and help solve crimes. Sarah Michelle Geller played the role of fashion obsession in the adaptation of the movie. The black costume falls between a flight attendant and modern 60s clothing. So comes the scarcity of sexy clothing and the length of the legs. She has long sleeves, a very short purple dress, a green scarf tied around her neck, and a purple head in her red hair.


Lelo is the only hot redhead on this list, which is by the future. He is also the only servant on this list, who is not really a human being but a fifth element in the form of a perfect human being, who exists on earth to protect the earth from the “great evil”. Okay, so these are all really sci-fi related things, something you really need to know. That is, at the beginning of the film, Lelo is basically in a white stripe dress, which reveals something serious. Sure, her white top and orange look is also sexy, but the bandage dress shows up very quickly. Just add a multi-pass card and you’ll be fine.

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