Famous Wedding Designers in Kleinfeld


Kleinfeld is one of Manhattan’s most successful bridal salons, famous for its bridal gowns, jewelry, veils, shoes and even men’s clothing designed by many of the region’s most famous wedding dress designers. Most brides take pride in wearing the dress offered because of their distinctive design and styles of clean field.

The wide selection of wedding dresses is unique, and the best designs ensure that brides of all standards find things that suit them. The efforts of a team of top class dress designers with Kleinfeld ensure that brides and their families live up to expectations. The designers hope that the brides provided incredible moments of emotion and excitement.

Wayne Rogers and Ronnie Rothstein

Before learning about the famous dress designers working for Klein Field you should know a little bit about its history. Mara, co-owner of Klein Field, worked as a consultant with Klein Field Owners Investment Group from 1997 to 1999. She was helping them solve the company’s financial, marketing and business affairs. Her eagerness to start her career in a new field and her abilities in the field of bridal attire had attracted her to join the company. In 1999, she became a partner of Wayne Rogers and Ronnie Rothstein, co-partners of this investment group.

Kleinfeld Achievements

Interesting business style, meeting new people, embarrassing brides, dealing with your emotions in new interesting places is a great part of this business. He started making bridal dresses in various styles, because his main goal was to make every bride look beautiful. He was inspired by the traditional outfits in the museum, street fashion, and nature and exhibits available in everyday life. The goal of Kleinfeld is to create bridal dresses for each bride with some individuality and uniqueness. So that they can be given a special shape. Brief information about the team of dress designers who helped Kleinfeld achieve this goal. If you decided to become a clean field bride, then your idea is provided for.

Elevina Valenta. Clothing cost: $ 2000.

Elvina Valenta teamed up with Jessica Williams to create an unrealistic modern romantic feminine touch to her 2012 collection of bridal dresses. Her dresses include flowing silk organza, luxurious satin, airy trousers, flute sleeves and delicate lace, which not only enhance the bridal look. Rather, the wearers also express the woman. It gave a sparkle to the appearance of the bride in which her dress was adorned with fine ornaments and beautiful houses as well as embroidery and light glitter. So that they may shine and be proud. If you want them to design your bridal gown, you should be prepared to spend around $ 2000.

Augusta Jones – Clothing Price: $ 2000

Augusta Jones is one of the most famous bridal designers. Who worked long hours for Klein Field. In 1999, the Danish-born dress designer unveiled her label as ‘Augusta Jones’, which became popular in bridal outfits. Beautiful styling, affordable and flexibility in choosing shapes according to different types of users are the three main features of this clothing designer. She uses contemporary design with twists to establish her style in the sector. The cost of a traditional bridal dress is $ 1000 to $ 2000, according to Augusta Jones.

Mark Zonov. Clothing cost: $ 800,000.

The beauty and style of the bridal collection, designed by Marc Zonovino, attracted many Hollywood fashion models, including Grace Kelly, Sofia Lorraine and Audrey Hepburn. The tailored and feminine look of the form made of the bridal gown gave each bride a unique beauty, which she wore. With beautiful, sexy and glamorous looks, every bride who wore her wedding dress felt confident and calm when she was the center of attention. Marc Zonovino bridal gown costs about $ 8 billion.

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