Extremely Revealing Clothing in Red Carpet History


When it comes to the red carpet, all eyes are on women. Certainly, some male stars who are often seen mostly in jeans and t-shirts. Some of them may have eyebrows, how well they clean in a fitted suit and tie. However, more often than not, men get along. Women? This is a completely different story.

For female celebrities, the red carpet is a high-end walk. Whether they’re attending a red carpet event hoping to win an award, or just helping their fellow entertainment industry people, all eyes are on their gowns. The question “Who are you wearing?” The whole red carpet is made of pepper, the name of the greatest designer is dying to add a female celebrity to her custom hot capture gown. Because they know, that the charm of this red carpet will mean big sales.

Here are the most obvious garments in the history of the red carpet.

Jennifer Lopez – 2000 Grammy Awards.

Jennifer Lopez wore the 2000 Grammy Awards and put it on the map, but well, it was like that. It was a year after their debut album that she was gaining popularity in the music industry, and she worked on the arm of her then boyfriend Sean Kings.

All eyes were on her, and she made her choice of dress. There were semi-sheer printed fabrics at the bottom of the dress, but the wow element came from a deep, deep-flowing V-neck. Whether you like it or hate it. You can’t ignore the fact that the costume set the media ablaze, and another costume was immediately eclipsed on the red carpet at the event.

 Rose McGowan 1998 MTV Video Music Awards.

In the late 1990s, Rose McGowan was dating rocker Marilyn Manson. So it just seems appropriate, that she would like to be surprised by her choice of gown at the MTV Video Music Awards. The dress he wore can hardly be described as a dress. It is basically a cleverly woven, fully fronted front, which requires a series of strings on its back.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Iron Man 3 Premiere

Paltrow joined the premiere of Iron Man 3 in a fashion forward gown. It had a fairly conservative silhouette, which was strategically abused thanks to sheer panels around it. However, it appears that he may not have tested the dress, as he soon found out that the sheer panels revealed something more than his intent.

Blvina Curety – 2014 American Music Awards

Who exactly is Bleuna Crete? Well, she’s a singer who’s worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, but she hasn’t turned herself into the next Beyonc. In fact, most people probably don’t even know who they are. Apparently, he decided to follow the old adage that all press is good press.

Rihanna – Council of Fashion Awards for America Awards 2014

If you’re going to show off a risky, event guard costume, a CFDA award is a much better bet than an Oscar or Academy Award. However, you will be surrounded by people in the fashion industry who are at risk when they talk about their wardrobe and do not hate to look a little out of the box. With all of this, Rehna still surprised everyone in 2014 with her outfit choice.

Jamie Alexander – Thor: The Dark World Los Angeles Premiere

Jamie Alexander came wearing a long black gown. With some risk cutouts. Basically, the floor length, long sleeve black gown was cut while exposing the contamination. It has a curved part of the abdomen, shin of the hip, dryer and a lot of the whole leg. This is definitely no gown for the shy ones, and while this gown was still very amazing in its shots. We’re amazed at how she’s making sure she doesn’t show anything X-rated when she’s down the red carpet.

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